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who embrace a lifestyle of health,
self-sufficiency and sustainability.


Winter Meditation

exists to help people connect with their authentic selves to lead more fulfilling lives.

instant stress relief
meditation healing our past
manifesting effortless change


4 powerful tools

in One 15 Minute Practice


You are the 



"How does meditation help us to get better in life?"

We all have stress, fears and anxiety in our lives 
What are you doing about it?

Learn to heal and radically enhance
your life in just 21-days!




Meditation Course for Beginners and Experienced Practitioners
Access to 21 day online course- 42 videos- 21 lessons 

"Our program doesn't fix symptoms or issues, it removes the root of the problem."

Our Promise

Achieve More
Better At Life

Our Gift 

To be your true self
Reach your true pontential

When I heard about Diana's program my first reaction was: "What can be so different? Then my interest grew quickly and I made a commitment to try it out. I appreciated the intro and loved the first meditation. I responded well to how Diana explained her method step by step. She has a wonderful spirit, a lovely voice and a lot of knowledge on mindfulness and the effect of meditation. I finally hold a space in my day for this practice and see the positive changes.

hilde wiemann.png

Hilde Wiemann 

Family and Relationship Coach- 

a certified Real Love Coach through Dr. Greg Baer’s Real Love series program

how it works!

Enroll in Online Masterclass

Our 21-Day Online Masterclass is the most basic course we have but increadibly life-transforming. Learn once, master for life.

Train In The 3MC Trechnique

This is the thing you will want to commit to because you will feel it working. After you complete your course, you will have this life enhancing skill.... for life.

Enhance Your Life

Life becomes more enhanced and enjoyable when you have your power back. 

What is

a Healthy State of Mind ?

Happy Farmer
Happy Man
Happy Girl

a peaceful self awareness and self-connection in which a person can reach their full potential, cope with normal life stresses, work productively, and contribute to their community.

Happy Woman

What do you lose without a healthy state of mind?

" Your Mental Fitness​ "

No productive work
No productive work
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Not able to cope with stress
Not able to cope with stress
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No self-awarenss and self-connection
No self-awarenss and self-connection
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Easily Sick
Easily Sick
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No contribution to your community
No contribution to your community
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Not reaching full potential
Not reaching full potential

Not Reaching True Potential

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Mental fitness

is having a healthy and strong mind to allow you to handle the challenges and opportunities that life puts in front of you, without getting too worn out.

Sunset Run

Benefits of Mental Fitness


  • Improve concentration and focus

  • Handle stress more effectively

  • Let go of grudges towards past mistakes

  • Form stronger connections with people

  • Enjoy a more fulfilling and happier life

You are one decision away from a completely different life!

Judge with a Book
Stressed Woman

Your Potential


We all have ideals, dreams, and goals for our lives. 

The Solution

By being aware of it, we can fix it. What is hidden can't be addressed. 

But we often find we dont experience them consistently. We feel confused, and embarrassed so we suffer in silences.

Woman in Pain


Reinforced Beliefs

We feel more depressed, stressed and continue in our negative feedback loop.

We discovered our hurts, fears, anxiety and limited beliefs hold us back. It blocks us from being present, being passionate and productive. It effects our environment.

Give us a try for free!

Get 3 day access to our 21-Day Online Masterclass


its more than just meditation

Winter Meditation makes us better partners, colleagues, friends and citizens. 

We believe that if everyone did this practice daily, the world would be a happier, healthier and more enjoyable place to live.


Event Planner- USA

" The 3 MC technique I learned here has upleveled my work-life balance. "


What Makes Winter Meditation So Powerful?


 A Blueprint 

It includes personal development principles that restores your self-connection and enhances your relationships. Aligning your heart and mind with your ideals and goals. 

A Life-Tool

Learn the powerful tools of breathe work, mindfulness, meditation, and manifesting to enhance you life.

A Technique

It uses ancient vedic teachings for grounding, gaining focus, clarity, and instantly reducing stress. And so much more.

Join Our Community

Our private Facebook community is the best way to connect with Diana and the Winter Tribe Meditation TEAM. Join us for Global Meditations and post your questions anytime.


Claudia, Nurse

This program helped me be more effective at work and at home. It calmed me down and helped me see my environment again. 


Miriam, Physiotherapist

The meditation course was a great reminder of what I want for my life. It helped me reflect on my lifestyle and see what I should focus on to create my dreams.


Naomi, Acpuncture Therapist

My body loves this meditation practice. No matter what goes wrong, my body always feels at home and more energized when I do the meditation. 


Naemir, Philanthropist

I used to have difficulty breathing during stressful moments and even in sports, but now my breathing got so much better after taking this program.


Natalia, Psychologist

I talk to over 100 people a day about their problems. Winter Meditation helps me keep my equilibrium for the whole day.

What Makes Winter Mediation Different ?

" No one cares if you are good at meditating. However, everyone cares how well you do life because it effects you and those around you, . "

Smiling Coworker


Owner- Inner Wellness Women

''I love how Diana breaks down the science of meditation both physically and mentally. I can really connect with that. I love how I felt supported all through out the course, especially as a beginner.''

80% of our graduates reported better sleep and less stress. 70% have greater degrees of healing from past Traumas. 90% are more focused and have long lasting energy.

'' Diana is such a beautiful person. Her meditation program makes me peaceful and energized.''



Sales Manager-Austria

Join Our Community

Save yourself years of trial and errors by learning from the years of experience of others!


Join us for Global Meditations. 

Digital Nomad

 an inspiring fulfillment coach and an extremely practical-science based- Meditation Teacher.

Diana Winter

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