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Overcoming Fear Meditation

We all have a deep desire to grow and develop our mind, heart, body, and spirit to become fully able to experience and express love in all areas of life. Unfortunately, as you know, we have many limitations both internally and externally that make it a challenge to experiencing just that. 


Most of us struggle with deep-seated anxiety and fear inside our hearts and minds. We tend to suffer in silence only to find our lives have become overwhelmed with stress. I know this personally to be true, because I also had to deal with loneliness, stress and anxiety and it was ruining my life.  When we avoid doing "the work" on addressing the core issues we face, it can cause a variety of illnesses and diseases in our body. In fact, 90% of all doctor visits are stress-related according to studies. And I saw it with my own eyes when I worked in the hospitals at the emergency room.  


However, it is proven that when we adopt personal responsibility and decide to lift what we can today, it makes us better tomorrow and we find real meaning, strength and hope in doing so. Meditation is scientifically proven to help address the root of the issues we face.

So, I prepared for you a special guided meditation to help you heal your anxiety and fears.    

Hiker on Edge


fear & anxiety

(Listen With Headphones) 

by diana winter

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