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What if you could use 2% of your day to completely transform the other 98%?

Learn a powerful tool to reduce stress from your mind and body.

Find out why you have such a hard time with self-care practices.

Learn the science behind doing less and accomplishing more.

Do this ONE thing daily that restores your heart-mind coherence.

You will learn the techniques used by top performers to increase motivation, creativity, keep productivity up, stay focused on your goals and tasks at hand.



"The meditation course was a great reminder of what I want for my life. It helped me reflect on my lifestyle and see what I should focus on to create my dreams."




"Diana is such a beautiful person. Her meditation program makes me peaceful and energized."


Sales Manager


"My body loves this meditation practice. No matter what goes wrong, my body always feels at home and more energized when I do the meditation. "


Acupuncture Therapist

Stress Is

The New "Normal"..

According to Harvard Medical School stress is an epidemic that is responsible for 90% of all doctors visits. It absolutely negatively impact your relationships and your ability to perform at your best.  It is expected for everyone to have heart disease, drepression and insomnia sooner or later.  It doesn't have to happen to you.


I'm Diana Winter, founder of 

Winter Meditation

Ive taught meditation to students, couples, families, and business professional around the world,  Their transformations have been so inspiring that I wrote this book to make meditation accessible to as many people as possible.

The tools you will learn in The Timeout Effect will improve your energy, strengthen your immune system, and enhance every area of life.

What's Inside

The Timeout Effect?

Discover Modern Neuroscience

Get Practical Tips

Learn the 3MC Technique

Understand the Effects of Stress

Get Case  Studies

Accomplish More with Less

Challenge Yourself

Experience 4 Guided Visualizations

The Timeout Effect, is for pragmatic and conscientious people who need to see the facts in order to understand the value meditation has in life.


There is a direct line from your inner well-being to the quality and success of your performance. 

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Exclusive Preview of

Winter Meditation Masterclass
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  • Access 3 Days of our flagship training Winter Meditation Masterclass

  • Take what you learn in The Timeout Effect to the next level.

  • Learn two simple but powerful techniques that will reduce your stress in the right now.

 5 Guided Exercises
(€149 Value)

  • Powerful manifesting exercise

  • Grounding meditation

  • Better Sleep meditation

  • Reduce Fear and Anxiety meditation for easing pain (mindfulness exercises like this one have been proven more effective than morphine)

  • Powerful Forgiveness Meditation

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Guided Meditation

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"We Meditate to get better in life."

- Diana Winter

About the Author


After spending over 10 years in the medical field and witnessing recurring illness and diseases due to symptomatic treatment therapies which avoided the root issue, Diana saw first hand the change that was needed and she answered the call. With her passion for healing the human body and spirit, she determined to improve this healthcare system by furthering her education in a holistic direction, by way of Alternative Medicine. Diana is now helping guide people around the world out of confusion and ignorance into a life of self-enlightenment, healing, and true fulfillment with her science-based approach to health and wellness.


Diana is also a passionate activist for building the youth of today into capable future leaders and strengthening the families as the building block of a good moral society.


Diana recently became an official Advisor on the general assembly of the Family Federation for World Peace Germany, an international NGO, and she used the platform to speak on numerous occasions to the youths in colleges and universities in Africa on the topic of character education. she is also an Ambassador for Peace with the Universal Peace Federation, another well known international NGO, where Diana helped organize 3 world summits in 2019 to address world peace through universal shared values, mutual prosperity, and developing interdependence.


Diana believes peace, joy, and true fulfillment starts from the inside out with each individual. To make this a reality, Diana is teaching business professionals how to stress less and have the inner strength to accomplish more and get better in life through her meditation courses. Today Diana is developing a life-transforming healing center in Germany together with her husband.

 Diana Winter is an inspiring fulfillment coach and an extremely practical-science based- Meditation Teacher.

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